The Standard Terms & Conditions for Internet Advertising, which were created in May 2001 and updated in 2010 and 2018, are being updated and overhauled by three significant trade organizations in the advertising sector.

The top trade associations for the industry, the 4A’s, IAB, and ANA, announced that they will establish a joint Task Force in April 2023 with participation from all interested parties, including advertising agencies, advertisers, publishers, and ad tech firms.

“The industry has a history of working together to make sure that the buy side and sell side are in agreement on the best practices and standards for a successful ecosystem for digital ads. Although there have been updates, it is now time to review the strategy and make sure we are all addressing changing market requirements, according to Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of 4A’s.

The earlier work in this field is still the industry standard more than ten years later, but too much has changed for us to ignore a reexamination, according to David Cohen, CEO of the IAB. “Having worked on earlier versions, I am aware that the work that needs to be done will not be simple. We look forward to working with the ecosystem as a whole and creating a legal framework that secures the essential infrastructure required to streamline the purchasing of digital ads.


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