Jordan Peele has addressed systemic racism, doppelgängers, and extraterrestrial abduction, but can he terrify Christmas? Although his upcoming movie is scheduled to premiere during the holiday season, it’s not yet known whether it will feature Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or anything else of that sort.

According to Universal, the director’s upcoming picture will indeed make its U.S. debut on December 25, 2024. It’s a potentially dangerous time because Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and, perhaps more importantly, the third Avatar movie will have premiered the week before. We also know that James Cameron’s franchise tends to snare screens and audiences even more effectively than Nope’s cloud-hiding creature snares people and horses.

At this juncture, as is customary with Peele, we have no idea what the film might be; neither its title nor its cast or even its genre have been revealed.

In related Peele news, his Monkeypaw business is producing a brand-new film from a different director; however, we only know the film’s release date, which is September 27, 2024.


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