After the stage on which he was performing at the 2023 Grammy Awards spun in the opposite way, Harry Styles called crew members to see if they were alright.

Julio Himede, the set designer for the Grammy Awards, claimed that Styles was polite and didn’t criticize the technicians for the error.

Himede said that Styles “called the team in command to make sure they were OK.

Styles and his dancers had to “reverse” their routine live onstage at the 65th Annual Awards in Los Angeles on February 5 because the revolving platform broke down.

The pop star performed his 2022 hit single “As It Was” and was scheduled to showcase Styles on a rotating turntable with a group of backing dancers, replicating the official video for the song.

At the 65th Annual Awards in Los Angeles, California, last Sunday, the pop singer performed his 2022 number-one song, “As It Was.” (February 5).

Himede continued, saying the incident “was heartbreaking”.

“His performance was so well-rehearsed. I was seated there thinking how incredible Harry and his dancers were for being able to simply run with it and handle it. It is quite amazing to be performing live and then realize all of a sudden that “I just have to go in reverse now.”

As he continued to talk about his upcoming major project, the set design for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, Himede added that incidents like that are the reason why numerous rehearsals are crucial for live television.

The official cover of Styles’ single “Fallen” by Shania Twain has been made available.

The title track from Twain’s most recent album, “Queen Of Me,” as well as her version of the Howlin’ Wolf song “Spoonful” are also included with the song, which was made available as part of the singer’s Spotify Sings session on March 15.

I just fell in love with ‘Falling,’ Twain said of her ‘Falling’ version in a statement to Stereogum. I already adore Harry Styles, but his rendition of the song really touched me, making me want to put it on. I was very happy with how it turned out because I could kind of sense my pain in it. It came out more emotional than I anticipated.


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