The 6 God may shortly embark on a massive tour, but if his most recent performances are any indication, fans may be let down. Because of his shortening of his Lollapalooza Argentina performance and other logistical mishaps, Drake received a lot of criticism on social media.

Fans assert that his performance lasted less than an hour and a half, as opposed to the hour and a half that is usual for a headliner. Additionally, the Canadian celebrity allegedly forbade live streaming of his performance just minutes before he came late to the show.

The fact that this news may be a preview of Drake’s forthcoming U.S. concerts with 21 Savage makes it all the more worrying for American fans of the rapper. The outrageously inflated ticket prices for these events have already incensed the public. In reality, they increased the number of dates from 29 to 43 in order to meet demand. However, it hasn’t made paying $1,000+ passes any simpler. Nevertheless, many of these issues aren’t exactly Drizzy’s fault, despite the outrage and disappointment over his performance at Lolla Argentina.

Given the size and scope of the festival, it makes sense that there might have been some unreported backstage problems that Drake had to manage at the time. What’s odd is that it appears that Drake’s choice to forbid a predetermined livestream also caught the event planners off guard. In addition, they substituted a message for fans for the performance video on their stream. Despite the formal agreement made earlier, Drake decided to forbid the live transmission of his performance minutes before taking the stage, according to the message. We are sorry about the artist’s selection.

This past weekend’s Lollapalooza Chile event, where Drake also played, appears to have gone off without much of a hitch. However, there are complaints about a brief set period at least on Twitter. However, a lot of people praised the set list itself, which included many songs from Drake’s discography. One can only speculate as to why he this time around disregarded his sets. I’m hoping he plays a longer performance at Lollapalooza Brazil the following weekend.


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