Actor and comic Seth Rogen is well-known and adored. He is able to mix with celebrities all over Hollywood thanks to his amiable demeanor and silly chuckle.

Seth Rogen discusses his night at Vanity Fair in an interview he gave to Jimmy Kimmel on March 14. The Vanity Fair after-party is where celebrities usually congregate following the Oscars ceremony to mingle with their peers. Seth discusses his encounter with Steven Spielberg during his conversation with Jimmy, among other topics. But what really got everyone’s notice was his exchange with Megan Thee Stallion.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion gained popularity rapidly after putting out her debut album in 2020. She is renowned for her autonomous and confident demeanor. Despite the fact that Megan and Seth Rogen don’t share many interests, they can both quickly become pals. Seth claims that prior to the Vanity Fair gathering, he had never met Megan. The movie celebrity was approached by Megan to smoke marijuana, and she reassured him that he and her “brother” would get along great. Seth didn’t hesitate when the three of them decided to go smoking together. However, a behind-the-scenes source subsequently revealed to Seth that Megan doesn’t have a brother.

Seth Rogen is unsure of who he shared cigarettes with.

Seth Rogen decided to swap phone numbers with the enigmatic man despite his confusion. Seth responded, “We really did, yeah, which is unfortunate because he might not exist,” when asked if he got along with Megan’s brother. Hey Travis, contact me, the actor jokingly said as he turned to face the camera. Despite being unaware of what was happening, Seth appears open to making new acquaintances in any situation. However, there is a plausible reason for why people were perplexed about the situation.

Making a family out of one’s friend group is a practice that is widespread in many places. Although Megan Thee Stallion has stated that she doesn’t have any biological siblings, it’s possible that she has a large number of friends who she considers to be her “sisters” and “brothers.” But it’s understandable why Seth Rogen, who is unfamiliar with this custom, was perplexed. It is unclear, though, exactly what Megan Thee Stallion intended. See if Seth can figure out who he encountered at the after-party in the next post.


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