When you were ready to give up on their relationship, Blueface and Chrisean Rock appear eager to persevere.

Despite being together for a few years, Chrisean Rock and Blueface only recently rose to the top of the Internet’s most-discussed couples list. Concerns have been raised about their antics and their Crazy In Love Zeus TV program, particularly because many people think the two are abusive to one another. With a kid on the way, these worries have gotten even more serious.

Chrisean Rock implied during a live broadcast that she would have an abortion, which appeared to be an effort to exert pressure on Blueface. The rapper declined to argue and instead offered to cover the cost of the operation. He said on Twitter, “I have two children and one biological mother for a reason. I’m really picky about the ladies I have children with. “I don’t play about my children and their welfare. I don’t nurture and care for them. Rock doesn’t even take care of me like a woman should. I’m a grown man. Imagine a new born.”

Later, Chrisean Rock said, “I only like da beef because it’s with my favorite person.” Blueface, however, made it obvious that he isn’t the only one in the relationship who causes strife. She freaked out in her mind, I’m telling you, but I’m the problem right now, he continued. Chrisean Rock then remarked that Blue is only talking about her now because they haven’t seen each other in so long.

“No, I’m only being sincere. You need to miss me.” We were actually texting back and forth like Hey Dad, how you doing. In addition to all that, you must miss me because you are actually typing to me on your phone, she wrote. When I see you, I can’t wait to shower affection on you. Chrisean later revealed that they had ultimately blocked one another, so it appears that was the last back-and-forth of the evening. Take a look at their exchange below.


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