According to a press release provided to Marketing Dive, Audi of America revealed a collaboration with PHD Media and Kerv Interactive, an artificial intelligence (AI) video advertising platform, to become the first advertiser to test Kerv’s new Dynamic Destination ad product.

Using QR codes in advertisements that depend on triggers like location, time of day, and weather to create a personalized experience, the new feature enables advertisers to point over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) viewers to distinctive destinations.

Audi and PHD Media used the tool to create QR codes for an OTT advertisement that directed users to dealerships in 115 different zip codes. The partnership reflects the uptick in interest in discussions about both AI and QR codes in ads.

The promise of the digital marketing transformation has long been scalability with personalization. However, as customers switch between networks and platforms and new areas like streaming gain popularity, marketers have found it difficult to create experiences that are both distinctive and seamless. However, significant alliances like the one with Kerv and Audi may help open the door for more broadly used options.

By automating the process of designing distinctive landing pages for customers, marketers can achieve personalization at scale using Kerv’s Dynamic Destination tool. The feature seamlessly adds QR codes to CTV and OTT advertisements that will create unique landing pages based on the viewer’s requirements, even taking into account factors like the day of the week and browser, using technology based on AI, machine learning, and image recognition.

Audi and the marketing communications firm PHD Media were the first to try the technology, using Dynamic Destination for an OTT campaign that attracted 98% of the attention of a total of 14.1 million viewers and provided users with personalized experiences based on dozens of zip codes.

According to Kayleen Oblack, media manager at Audi of America, “working with KERV and PHD Media enabled us to swiftly and efficiently localize our interactive OTT experiences and ensure consumers have a more personalized, relevant experience with the Audi brand.

Such chances present themselves just when marketers need them most. In a 2023 study from Adobe, 71% of retail marketers claimed that it is challenging to track the customer journey due to the interaction between online and offline experiences. In the streaming industry, measurement has been a subject that begs for simplification. Nielsen’s innovations and the recently established Joint Industry Committee are competing for advancement.

Following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November, the buzz surrounding AI has increased, leading some advertisers to look for novel methods to incorporate the trendy technology into their marketing. For instance, Coca-Cola became the first marketer to utilize tools like ChatGPT and DALL.E in February thanks to a new collaboration between management consulting firm Bain & Company and OpenAI.


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