Nicki Minaj thinks labels and management firms are paying female artists to disparage her for influence.

During a Stationhead listening event for her song “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” Nicki had a conversation with Rah Ali in which she discussed the state of hip-hop and the “microwaveability” of contemporary artists.

“You get better as you rap and compose. And you improve every day,” Nicki said. But I believe the issue right now is that, due to the “microwaveability” of TikTok artists getting deals, Instagram users getting likes, or Twitter users, “girls’ labels and management firms paying for viral tweets and paying for Nicki diss tweets and all that.”

Nicki, who is starting her own company, thinks that the craft of lyric writing has been lost and that it is unfair to judge her against other rappers who don’t come up with their own rhymes.

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Who will tell them that we are actually here to rap, she continued, “if I don’t? “And don’t ever place me in the same muthafu**in’ sentence, on top of that. Don’t give any instances using my name. Your lines must be written, end of story. And I say that with affection because I believe that people may now be under pressure to, oh, I dunno, do things so quickly.

It’s not obvious who Nicki was referring to when she said that. Last year, after the Grammys’ contentious choice to remove “Super Freaky Girl” from the rap category, she and Latto got into a heated Twitter argument.

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Red Rose, She said, “I dropped it as a tiny little just something. “Because I know it’s going to blow up on tour and on y’all. There is only singing. However, I must release my formal single for the album as part of the album. Red Ruby is not the album’s formal lead single.


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