Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST), which has solidly established itself as a disruptor in the online streaming market, has recently captured the attention of the entertainment business.

A short while back, viewers would resort to any means to avoid ads. Ads were perceived as a remnant of broadcast media, doomed to play a minor role in the future of television, with a strong emphasis on streaming video. However, TV is changing, and over the past three years, broadcasters and major entertainment brands have adapted rapidly and invested in new on-demand, ad-supported video tiers to compete in the FAST market.

It might not take long for ad-supported streaming to catch up to ad-free streaming now that consumers are accepting of these new choices.

So, given the FAST streaming tendency, what can we anticipate in 2023?


The future will be heavily influenced by the user experience, with high-quality material at its core. The days of never-ending browsing are over. Engaged users are currently seeking a seamless TV-like experience with a curated selection of original material and premium channels that can be quickly and effectively assessed and accessed. The business is being pushed by this to create a better connected experience for everyone.

Over the coming year, investing in quality over number will also be crucial. The FAST channel growth is being driven by content, and by emphasizing valuable, pertinent, and consistent content, providers will forge closer connections with their audiences.


Globally, FAST is still in its beginnings even though it is well established in the US. However, there is an increasing need for international networks. Hispanic audiences are one of the fastest-growing demographic groups in the US, and Spanish-language channels make up a sizable part of FAST’s non-English programming. Because of this, there will probably be more language-specific channels available, bringing material to underserved communities and cultures. Platforms are also anticipated to keep working to produce regionally diverse content for audiences in 2023 by continuing their efforts to localize content around the world.

We can anticipate more foreign competitors moving into other areas. Although the scope of European FAST services falls far short of that of US services, over the past year, numerous public and private networks in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK have launched FAST channels. And although it hasn’t quite taken off, there is undoubtedly a stir among the FAST community at large. Smart European content owners and service providers are gaining momentum as a result of changing viewing patterns and the growth in early adopter revenues. These players want to reach audiences before their rivals do.


The absence of standardization is among FAST’s greatest problems. This lack of measurement has produced a barrier in a sector eager to communicate its expansion. With tallied revenues clearly increasing, there is no question that free streaming viewing is on the rise. However, without reliable data, it is difficult to compare FAST services to, say, conventional entertainment in an accurate manner. It’s possible that standardization will eventually affect the FAST space, just as it has done with the numerous digital advertising opportunities that came before it. As businesses continue to partner wisely for improved efficiencies and outcomes, connecting the dots across screens, regions, and inventory categories will become simpler.

“2022 saw a surge in newly launched services and channels, as early adopters rushed to join the FAST explosion,” said Russell Foy, CEO of Fast Channels TV. And while we can anticipate a steady stream of operators and video service providers joining the FAST space, this year is probably going to mark the beginning of a new phase as the market shifts back towards quality. As viewers demand constantly better content, content owners are taking notice and driving growth by quickly changing to consumer behaviors and providing live content in addition to vault content, originals, and exclusives. The year 2023 is anticipated to be the most significant year for FAST to date, and we at FAST Channels TV are prepared for the next phase of the FAST development.

With more being added each month, FAST networks TV offers over 230 linear networks, including live sporting events, world news, and family entertainment, as well as genre-specific music, motion pictures, and television from the past 70 years. In order to keep viewers interested and meet programming requirements, we continually work to improve our offering and provide solid, distinctive channels. Broadcasters, operators, and content owners have benefited from FAST Channels TV’s sophisticated white-label platform and FAST playout generation services, which have increased viewer interaction and made monetization possible. Get in contact with us to learn how we can elevate your content.


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