In reference to a possible rule change, Ice Cube has criticized the NBA for being “five years behind the curve.”

In order to shorten the amount of time players spend on the court and prevent broadcasts from running over the allotted time, the NBA is allegedly considering implementing a target score for overtime games.

But the N.W.

A legend who owns and operates the BIG3 three-on-three basketball league noted that the regulation has been present in his league for many years.

According to @EricPincus, the NBA could allegedly implement a target score for overtime games, according to NBACentral’s initial tweet.

“‘That would stop overly drawn-out broadcasts and overloading player minutes, like Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard playing 46 minutes in a double-overtime defeat to the Sacramento Kings on Friday,'” the statement continued.

“Adam Silver is 5 years behind the curve. @thebig3 been on a goal score since 2017,” Ice Cube retorted.

Taking a shot at the NBA is nothing new for Ice Cube. The rapper/actor claimed in October that the league and ESPN were trying to “destroy” BIG3.

He responded to Stephen Jackson, a former NBA winner, who supported BIG3, by saying, “Appreciate you @DaTrillStak5” We certainly require everyone’s assistance. The NBA and ESPN are exerting every effort to disregard or demolish the Big Three.

In 2020, when the NBA altered the format of the All-Star Game, Ice Cube accused the organization of stealing from his team.

He told Basketball News, “The NBA hasn’t been the kindest to the BIG3.” “Of course, they speak in the appropriate ways in public. However, we are aware that things are done behind the scenes with advertisers, broadcasters, etc. It somewhat damaged my devotion.

On the other hand, Ice Cube claimed that FOX and CBS were instrumental in BIG3’s ascent in 2021.

He told VIBE, “I believe it’s been very essential in our climb. Our first two seasons were spent on FOX, but some of the games were tape-delayed, so they were broadcast on Monday night instead of Sunday.

We broadcast live during a few games the following year, but when we switched to CBS, we were live starting in 2019. We then took a rest. We’re back in 2021 even though we were scheduled to be on CBS in 2022.

“It’s been wonderful [and] high-profile for the league,” he continued. Triller, FiteTV, a wonderful platform as well, carried some of the games that weren’t on CBS. We think it’s essential to keep increasing the league’s profile so that it’s very prominent on CBS.


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