Currently, LeBron James is the driving force behind the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are a group that is essentially fighting tooth and nail to qualify for the NBA postseason. But they are having trouble completing any of that. Even though they are only a few games away from being admitted to the postseason, they still have to be concerned about the success of other teams. They are in a precarious situation as a result of their early-season struggles, and even though their roster has improved, there is no assurance they will be able to perform when it counts.

Furthermore, they received a major fright regarding LeBron’s health on Sunday night. During the game against the Mavericks, James looked to sustain a right ankle injury. In reality, James could be heard saying, “I heard it pop,” while lying on the ground. Overall, it was a terrifying scene that had fans concerned. However, James immediately returned to the game and completed it. Now that James has gotten an official diagnosis, things are not looking good for the Lakers.

LeBron James Report

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, LeBron will most likely lose a few weeks due to this injury. While he will not require surgery, it is obvious that he will be out indefinitely. This is the worst thing that could have occurred to the Lakers, who need all hands on deck to make the playoffs. However, with Anthony Davis and a youthful crop of hungry players, the Lakers have the potential to turn heads and surprise some people. In any case, this is undoubtedly disappointing news for everyone concerned.

James has experienced an increase in injury-related problems over the last two years. This makes logic given that he is now 38 years old. Although we are accustomed to seeing LeBron as Iron Man, it is obvious that he is no longer that player. It’s a sad truth, but one we had to accept after a while.

The Injury


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