After losing to none other than Tommy Fury on Sunday night, Jake Paul is presently reassessing his life.

Despite the battle being close, Paul was ultimately victorious due to a split decision by the judges. There are those, though, who think Jake prevailed. Paul must decide what to do next because he is no longer unbeatable in either case. He’s obviously incapable of vying for titles, so he might as well resume squaring off with YouTube celebrities once more.

Paul and Tommy Fury made an intriguing wager before the contest. In essence, Paul would increase Fury’s income if Fury prevailed. But if Paul triumphed, Fury would not receive a solitary penny. It was a compelling idea, and as a result, Fury will now receive significantly more money. Despite this, Paul is not about to end up in a shelter because of this. Some people might even be shocked by how much money he will make from this battle. It’s quite remarkable, in fact.

A breakdown of Jake’s earnings from the fight can be seen in the video above, compliments of DJ Akademiks. In essence, Paul will pocket $30 million. He will undoubtedly be delighted with this large amount of money because it is a lot of money. Even though he lost, at least he can rest easy knowing that he just made enough money to support him for a very long time. His higher earnings were the result of this fight’s strong Pay-Per-View ratings, which were the reason for it. It remains to be seen if he can maintain these figures after a defeat.

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Tommy Fury’s job may experience a significant uptick. He still hasn’t managed a genuinely convincing victory, though. He still has a lot to learn, and it’s up to him to get better. Unfortunately, his sibling Tyson’s presence casts a very long shadow.


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