On TikTok, Will Smith stunned his followers with a “unexpected” joke about the Oscars.

After Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair at the Oscars the year before, the actress stormed the stage and slapped the comedian. The actor has been dealing with the consequences ever since. Smith subsequently accepted the Best Actor prize.

Smith, who has since been barred from the award show for 10 years, has since maintained a low profile on social media. But he uploaded a video on Monday (February 20) that surprised a lot of his fans.

Smith can be seen in the video listening to @missmoneyworking, a TikTok user, as she talks about a game where users question inanimate objects what they think of them.

She explains, “You will get a response in your thoughts from your intuition. You can ask a pen or your car for its opinion and then judge the impression the objects give off.”

Smith considers for a moment which object he could use to read himself as he participates in the activity. Then, as he reaches off-camera, he brings his Oscar into focus.

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The clip abruptly stops as he is about to question the object.

Many have interpreted the joke as a lighthearted allusion to the controversy surrounding the Oscars last year, with Smith appearing to imply that his trophy might have some unkind things to say about him.

Most of his supporters laughed along with the jest and praised him for his ability to make fun of himself.

One admirer retorted, “At least he’s got a sense of humor,” adding three laughing and crying emoticons. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, right?” another person commented. I adore it.

One person said: “This has got to be the hardest flex of 2023,” while another said: “I wasn’t anticipating this.” Another person added with a laughing emoji.

However, not everyone enjoyed the jest, and some people used the occasion to criticize the actor’s behavior even more.

One user speculated about what the Oscar might say about Smith and wrote: “‘I’m not angry… Simply put, I’m dissatisfied.

“I’m ashamed to be in your custody!” said another.

Janet Yang, the president of the Oscars, acknowledged earlier this month that the Academy’s reaction to Smith’s slap on Rock was “inadequate.”


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