New Frontier Aerospace has been given a $1.5 million contract by the Department of Defense to carry out more work on a 3D-printed rocket motor.

The deal, which was funded by the National Security Innovation Capital, was revealed by the aerospace manufacturer on Tuesday. The business is creating the Mjölnir rocket motor. In 2020, the NSIC awarded a $750,000 contract to the development team.

The creation of the final components required to finish the engine will be paid for by the new contract. By May 2024, the firm intends to conduct a hotfire test, which is the final test.

NFA CEO Bill Bruner said in a statement that he was pleased that NSIC recognized the enormous potential in the further development and completion of Mjölnir based on the company’s performance in designing, 3D printing, and testing the first, crucial component of the Mjölnir full-flow staged combustion engine in less than a year.

According to the business, NFA was established in 2020 and focuses its efforts on developing 3D-printed, fuel-efficient aircraft.

According to NFA, Mjölnir is a reusable engine with a net-zero carbon impact. The engine will eventually be used by NFA to create hypersonic aircraft that can deliver freight and people in under two hours to any airport on the planet.

Liquid natural gas will be used to power it.


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