Since its recent debut on Nintendo Switch, the remastered version of Metroid Prime has received a lot of favourable press.

The news that new icons based on Metroid Prime Remastered will be given away for free to commemorate the release of the game will please Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Nintendo of America has not yet made the profile icons public, but it appears that some supporters who bought the game in Japan have already received images. They will be accessible from March 3 through the 17th and include various pictures of Samus, a Metroid, Meta Ridley, and other characters.

Twitter user @RevolutionRidly posted pictures of the icons, which can be found in the Tweet that is linked below.

Before the game’s covert Switch release, there were numerous internet rumors about Metroid Prime Remastered. The second and third titles in the Metroid Prime Trilogy are still not available for the Switch, disappointing some fans who had hoped to see a remastered version of the series. It’s entirely possible that the other two games could be published on the platform in the future if Metroid Prime Remastered sells well. A few years back, Metroid Prime 4 was also revealed for the Nintendo Switch, but since then, nothing new has been revealed. All internal work on the game was abandoned in 2019 as Retro Studios took complete control of development. Metroid Prime Remake is keeping fans entertained in the interim.

Even though the Metroid series has received high praise from critics, Nintendo has never had much success with it. The series has, however, reached a larger following than ever before thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch hardware. It’s too soon to tell how Metroid Prime Remastered is performing, but Metroid Dread from 2021 rapidly rose to the top of the franchise’s sales charts. We can only hope that this is a good sign for future Metroid titles to be released for the system!


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