Random Access Memories, Daft Punk’s final record, will be released on February 22 in a special 10-year anniversary edition.

It has nine songs and 35 minutes of previously unreleased music, and Columbia is set to release it on May 12. It will be accessible in the following formats: 3xLP, 2xCD, streaming, and download. The original album will also be made accessible for the first time in a spatial audio (Atmos) mix. See the music listing below.

Five Grammy Awards went to Random Access Memories in 2014. On February 22, 2021, Daft Punk disbanded with a video epilogue that featured a rendition of “Touch” from the new release. The pair reissued its debut LP, Homework, on vinyl on February 22 of the previous year.

Thomas Bangalter of the group recently released the song “L’Accouchement,” off of his upcoming solo album, Mythologies. Mythologies, his first solo orchestral composition, was commissioned in 2021 for the dance of the same name.

Review Pitchfork’s cover story on Daft Punk, “Machines for Life.”

Random Access Memories (10th Anniversary Edition):

01 Give Life Back to Music
02 The Game of Love
03 Giorgio by Moroder
04 Within
05 Instant Crush [ft. Julian Casablancas]
06 Lose Yourself to Dance [ft. Pharrell Williams]
07 Touch [ft. Paul Williams]
08 Get Lucky [ft. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers]
09 Beyond
10 Motherboard
11 Fragments of Time [ft. Todd Edwards]
12 Doin’ It Right [ft. Panda Bear]
13 Contact

01 Horizon Ouverture
02 Horizon (Japan CD)
03 GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)
04 Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)
05 GL (Early Take)
06 Prime (2012 Unfinished)
07 LYTD (Vocoder Tests)
08 The Writing of Fragments of Time
09 Touch (2021 Epilogue)


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