Becca Bowen has always been very eccentric, but the tale behind her most recent song, “Son of a Gun,” may be her most eccentric yet.

According to Bowen, “I had no intentions to record this song.” It was simply one of those songs that was born entirely from feeling.

The tale behind the ferocious song began with a straightforward friendship. Bowen, the season 5 champion of the popular competition reality series For Love and Likes on the Outdoor Channel, had been friends with a man for more than six years who not only resided down the street from her but also shared many of her interests.

The South Carolina native says, “We both are country people. “We stalk, fish, and do other things. Although we had a lot in common, we were unable to make a commitment to one another. You understand what I mean when I say that I was always the one who desired more from it than just being friends with advantages?

But a few years ago, the two committed to one another, giving Bowen the impression that they were in a committed relationship. Bowen couldn’t help but notice her ‘boyfriend’ was out in the audience with another woman as she took the stage to perform the anthem at a July 4 celebration.

The man I was seeing was sitting there with another female, so I looked out into the audience,” recalls Bowen, who spent last year releasing empowering songs like “Who I Am,” “Glitter,” and “How It All Went Down.” “The only thing I could do was put on a set of sunglasses to block my vision. We did, however, establish eye contact, and from what I recall, he simply raised his hands.

Bowen was furious because he had been discovered.

In reference to the text exchange that led to a terse apology, Bowen says, “I left immediately after [the performance] was over and I went home and texted him.” “I didn’t speak to him for a while after that, even though we had been friends for a very long time because I was just so upset,”

Like any good singer-songwriter should, according to Bowen, she channeled her rage into the creation of her brand-new track, “Son of a Gun.”

The song, which Bowen co-wrote with Sam Woods, “came out so fast because I was just in the middle of experiencing all these emotions,” says Bowen. “My writing partner believed that my craziness would make a fantastic country song. Honest to God, I believe we wrote this tune in about an hour.

Bowen acknowledges that the entire incident still hurts, despite her claim that she never lets love readily in. It annoys me, she murmurs under her breath. Everyone expects a fantasy, and when that doesn’t materialize,

Before saying that time has enabled both her heart and the relationship to heal, her voice trails off.

Bowen, who calls herself “happily single” at the moment, says, “I really like him as a person, but we just can’t make it in a partnership.” We are essentially closest friends. We work well as a team. We still communicate frequently, but now only as pals. We don’t judge one another. Now, it’s just a wonderful relationship.

Bowen is aware that making the music public will likely elicit negative reactions and rumors from the people back home. But she doesn’t mind at all.

Bowen says with a slight chuckle, “I called him when I learned the song was going to come out and I basically asked him not to be mad at me.” “This tune was written in a fit of rage. This is not how I currently feel about him. However, a lady, you know, never forgets. We may be able to forget, but we do not.”


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