Following the passing of TakeOff, Quavo has provided a clear statement regarding the direction the Migos will take.

On Wednesday (February 22), Huncho unveiled a brand-new song titled “Greatness,” in which he celebrates the heritage of his band while forging ahead without his nephew by his side.

Never forget that the Migos are amazing, he raps, “Look at the ice and the knots in my pants, you know that them young n-ggas made it.” DJ Durel’s upbeat, horn-heavy music is the perfect backdrop for his delivery.

He declares during the song’s outro: “I couldn’t do it without the best group in the world… Without the world’s best cousin, I could not have succeeded.

Quavo, however, effectively puts an end to any hopes of the Migos continuing their winning streak, saying: “Came in, swept the game like a storm with the muthafucking flow, n-gga, Take did that/ So don’t inquire about the group, he gone, we gone, young n-gga it can’t come back, damn!”

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The video for the song features the Georgia native showing off his jewelry, cars, and basketball prowess while viewing old footage of him and TakeOff on TV inside his mansion.

On November 1, Takeoff was shot and murdered outside a Houston bowling alley. Police claim that the 28-year-old rapper was just a bystander during a dice game between Quavo and other men that sadly turned into a shootout and argument.

But months before TakeOff’s passing, rifts started to emerge in the Migos’ close-knit bond. After fans noted that Offset and his wife Cardi B had unfollowed Quavo and TakeOff on Instagram, there were rumors that the group was breaking up in May of last year.

The same day, Quavo and TakeOff declared they had started a new group called Unc & Phew in honor of their close connections to one another’s families and were getting ready to release their debut song, “Hotel Lobby.” Eventually, the music was included on their Only Built For Infinity Links album, which was released just a few weeks before TakeOff was killed.

Quavo hinted at Offset’s betrayal during an interview on the Big Facts podcast in October, though no official reason for their apparent breakup has been provided.

We base our reputation on genuine loyalty, and occasionally that shit ain’t exhibited, he claimed. This is unrelated to any company, paperwork, [Quality Control Music], or anything else. The three siblings are somehow involved in this. It is what it is, sh*t. We’re going to work together as a team for the time being.

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After the solemn “Without You,” which he dropped in January, “Greatness” is Quavo’s second instrumental offering since TakeOff’s passing.

The 31-year-old held high Take’s chain as a picture of his late nephew filled the enormous onstage screen behind him as he sang the song with the Maverick City Music choir at the 2023 Grammy Awards earlier in February.

According to TMZ, Quavo and Offset got into a brawl backstage at the Grammys when the former refused to let the latter join him onstage after the performance further sowed discord between the remaining Migos members.

Offset denied the rumors by tweeting, “What tf look like fighting my brother yal niggas is crazy,” but a video showing Cardi B screaming at several people backstage that surfaced days later gave the rumors some credence.

“Both of you are mistaken! Those two of you! She can be heard saying, “This is not fair!” in the video. No bitch, stop talking because you had no business chatting.

Cardi recovered her composure after the altercation and walked past the reporters before answering questions about it in a coy manner.

One reporter said, “I heard you settled some things back here,” to which she laughed and said, “The only thing I settled was my outfit, honey.”


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