A judge in Los Angeles has sentenced Eric Holder, who killed Nipsey Hussle, to 60 years to life in jail.

According to AP, Holder was given a 60-year prison term on Wednesday during a hearing by County Court Judge H. Clay Jacke II (February 22). At the hearing, one of Nipsey’s pals spoke, and the courtroom also heard a touching letter written by Hussle’s father.

Herman “Cowboy” Douglas, a close friend of Nip, told the court, “Nipsey was my friend, he was like a son, he was like a dad.” “Right now, our society has lost everything it has worked for. One man’s error or one man’s deed wrecked an entire society.

“Whatever you give this man, I don’t care. Time is not the issue. All I need to know is why. Everyone wishes to know the reason. Why would someone do that?

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After being found guilty of first-degree murder in the trial that ended in July in connection with the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, outside of his Marathon Clothing shop, the sentencing of Holder had been postponed for a variety of reasons.

Nipsey reportedly accused Holder, 33, of being a snitch, which enraged him.

“Man, you know, they got some papers on you, you know, Nipsey said. You know, I haven’t read it. You know, like you, my brother. In 2019, a witness told the grand jury, “Like, maybe you need to take care of that, you know.

With two weapons in hand, Holder returned to the scene and fired at least 10 bullets, all fatal, at the Crenshaw rapper.

Shermi Villanueva, a different witness, described what he saw in Nipsey’s final seconds after Holder fired the gun.

“He killed me. The 47-year-old remembered Nipsey telling him, as he lay on the ground in a pool of blood, “He shot me.

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Holder suffered a violent beating at the hands of other prisoners on June 28 during the two-week 2022 trial. He allegedly required three staples in his head and was unable to appear in court due to his injuries.

When the 60-year sentence was read, Holder allegedly “stared straight” throughout the proceedings and didn’t look up. Although he was not eligible for the death penalty, he will most likely spend the remainder of his life behind bars.


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