Michael B. Jordan is awestruck by the effort and commitment Jonathan Majors put into his portrayal in Creed III, Jordan’s debut as a director.

In Creed III, Majors plays Damian Anderson, an ex-con and previous boxing prodigy, standing next to Jordan. The Last Black Man in San Francisco, a 2019 film, marked Majors’s Hollywood debut.

What makes Jonathan Majors unique?

Jordan has a certain admiration for Majors’ work ethic because, as Damian Anderson in Creed III, he had a ripped physique that lit the internet on fire for a week.

“Having a guy who’s willing to put in the time and effort to devote himself physically to a part and a character, to show up and put himself through that type of torture… Jordan said, “Yeah, that kid was a workhorse,” in our Winter 2023 Cover Story by Trey Williams.

The director would occasionally lose himself in Majors’ art.

Jordan makes fun of the fact that he sometimes thought, “Oh, sh*t, that’s right, I gotta fire my side.” “All I wanted to do was kill everyone like they were listed first on a call sheet.

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“It’s a beautiful thing to be able to see this guy receive his flowers for all of his hard work, dedication, and talent because it doesn’t always work out that way. He is experiencing his moment, and I want it to last as long as is reasonable. I want nothing but the best for this guy because I have the opportunity to contribute in some small way to that and be a part of his journey as I have grown to know him and develop a relationship, friendship, and brotherhood with him.

What is Majors up to next?

Majors is currently only receiving the finest. He co-starred in the Korean War thriller Devotion in November with Glen Powell, who played Top Gun: Maverick. His performance as aspiring bodybuilder Killian Maddox in Elijah Bynum’s Magazine Dreams, which had its global premiere at the Park City, Utah festival, made him the talk of Sundance in January. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors’ biggest picture to date, was released in February, and Creed III will be in theaters in March.

Majors’ physical training therefore worked out very well for his roles in Creed III and Quantumania, though he would have jumped at the opportunity to work with Jordan for pretty much any reason.

“During our conversation, it became abundantly obvious to me that this brother was, first, prepared and, second, that he had a vision that would advance not only this franchise but also the culture. I then thought, “How can I help? ” says Majors. “He was so open-hearted in his approach to me, and he was so vulnerable about his desire. He explained the basic idea to me, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was just getting a sense of him and seeing if this was something he could actually do.

He was going to go beyond what a directorial debut looks like, it became obvious to me quite early in our conversations.

This story first published in print in the Winter 2023 issue of MovieMaker Magazine.


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