On February 21, Kevin Hart will take the stage in Egypt for the first time as part of his Kevin Hart: Reality Check tour.

However, the performance was postponed due to “local logistical issues,” according to the organizers on Instagram. The cancellation allegedly came after local Egyptians expressed outrage over the comedian’s “Afrocentric” viewpoints. According to Eurweb, Hart has been charged with “distorting history.” “We must teach our children the real history of Black Africans when they were kings in Egypt and not just the period of slavery that is cemented by education in America,” the 43-year-old had previously said. Do you recall the days when we reigned as kings?

Twitter users in Egypt responded quickly to Hart’s accusations, which supported the boycott of the #StopAfroCentricConference. One Twitter user even went so far as to say, “Want to steal and attribute Egypt’s civilization to Africans and convince modern Egyptians that we are occupying Egypt from them. We must all take part in the movement to postpone Kevin’s performance. Evidently, Egyptian discontent was sufficient for the show’s organizers to postpone Hart’s appearance one day in advance.

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Organizations cancel Kevin Hart’s performance in Cairo

The Dean of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Egypt, Monica Hanna, contends that the truth lies somewhere in the center despite the strong views on history held by both Afrocentric academics and Egyptian critics. She told News Line that “both extreme Afrocentrists and Egyptian nationalists adopt discourses based on racist notions of color and ethnicity that are completely detached from scientific, historical, and cultural facts.” Hanna also likens the conflict to brawls between “violent rival football supporters.”

Hart’s comedy program was canceled this week due to backlash from his Afrocentric remarks. As a result, a number of users tweeted their gratitude for the choice. For instance, one user commented, “Seeing Kevin Hart’s show here get canceled is so gratifying to see,” while another said, “Kevin Hart’s nonsense show canceled keep his Afrocentric ass out of Egypt.” Hart will resume his Reality Check tour in Abu Dhabi tonight while his performance in Cairo is still postponed (February 22nd). The comedian will conduct his final shows in the Middle East before coming back to the United States in March.

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