Emme and Max, the twins who are Jennifer Lopez’s children, turned 15 today, and their mother shared a personal glimpse into their family life with her countless fans.

With “Fifteen (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift playing in the background, Lopez posted an Instagram Reel with clips from Emme and Max’s entire lifetimes. Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony are parents to her twins.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful, brilliant coconuts 🥥🥥 ,” Lopez wrote. “I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever 🤍🤍♾️♾️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎂 #Twins”

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In a December Vogue interview, Lopez discussed how becoming a mother altered her and the qualities she values in a partner. She began, “I just didn’t comprehend what it was to look after myself, to not put somebody else’s feelings and needs—and your need for them to love you—before looking after yourself. “You make yourself into a pretzel for other people and believe that it is noble to place others before yourself. It’s also not.

These patterns develop into ingrained habits that you take with you, and eventually you realize that something doesn’t feel right. Why am I never content? I had that feeling for a very long period. Finally, I just said, “Ugh!” I need to be good for these babies, so it’s time to find out who I am. Even after that, it took me a long time to really put the puzzle parts together, like, “Oh, this is what I do because of this, and that is what I do because that happened to me when I was this age.”

“This generation is beautifully aware, involved, and brave, and they will call bullshit on things really fast,” she said in reference to her children and their peers. I want my children to advocate for themselves and the causes they find important. I want the little girls all over the globe to scream. Make noise! State it when it is incorrect. Be not frightened. For a very long period, I was terrified—fearful of losing the job, of upsetting people, and of becoming unpopular. No.”


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