For “Daredevil,” Seth Rogen and Edward Norton attended a tryout.

Rogen auditioned for the character of Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, which ultimately went to Jon Favreau, but the director rejected him because he was “too young” to play a lawyer. Norton was in negotiations to play the title role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil, which Ben Affleck played in the 2003 film.

When asked if he had a meeting with Guy Pearce for the character, Johnson replied: “One of those roles where everyone was mentioned was undoubtedly this one.

“There were numerous participants. I don’t recall if Guy and I ever met, but Edward Norton and I did.

“Additionally, I recall Seth Rogen visiting the room to read for Foggy Nelson.

“We all adored him and thought he was hilarious, but I also thought, “Man, how old are you?” He was far too young to be a barrister at the time—probably 21 or 22!”

Johnson acknowledged that being a devotee of Kevin Smith, who wrote some of the “Daredevil” comics, contributed to Affleck’s appeal for the role.

To Yahoo Entertainment, he added: “Ben was a fan of Daredevil because of Kevin Smith, so he ended up being the performer I met with after a few other actors. Then he turned into Batman!”

Affleck’s lawyer character in the film was blinded as a child, but the tragedy sharpened his remaining senses.

The actor maintained the movie “didn’t work” in 2015.

“Daredevil” didn’t work, he said at the time. I would be less polite if I wished to gain popularity. Before people realized it was possible to create these movies and make them well.

A cynical feeling of “Put a man in a red leather outfit, have him run around, hunt some bad people, and cash the check” pervaded the atmosphere.


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