With rock guru Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne created an entire CD that is currently “sitting on the shelf.”

The 74-year-old Black Sabbath frontman, who recently announced his retirement from touring due to deteriorating health problems, recorded “some pretty good things” with the Grammy-winning musician, producer, and songwriter, but he has “no control” over whether the music is made public.

The ex-Whitesnake guitarist, who has performed with artists like Alice Cooper, Motörhead, and Mary J. Blige, spoke with the music publication Eonmusic and said: “I have a complete Ozzy record that sounds like the GASH record. It isn’t exactly “like” the Gash record, but it is a project I recorded that is currently on the shelf.

We did record some fairly good stuff, but I obviously have no control over or rights to it.

The two only intended to record one song together, but because of how well they got along, they ended up recording an entire album.

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The 62-year-old Steve recalled, “Ozzy and I got carried away because we were having so much fun and we ended up recording a lot of stuff, and then we began planning, ‘Hey, let’s create a new record.'” And everything was great, and we were happy about it until the mallet fell, at which point they essentially asked, “What are you doing?” No, you just need to complete your record using a song by Vai. Vai is expenditure, and we’re already into it for this much money, so it really worked out perfectly.

He disclosed that one of the songs was a remix of “Danger Zone” by VAI/GASH.

Steve went on: “”Danger Zone” by [VAI / GASH] was one of the tracks. It was a GASH track that I had already finished writing when I thought, “Well, maybe he’d like this,” and I made some minor edits. However, the track is now on the back burner.”

also from his 1996 album “Fire Garden,” another song.

Added him: “On my “Fire Garden” album, there is a tune titled “Dying Day” as well.

That was one of the initial lyrics to that song.

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Following in the footsteps of Ozzy’s previous guitarists, such as the late legend Randy Rhoads, was nerve-wracking, so Steve developed a distinctive and “accessible” technique.

“Okay, you’re going to work with Ozzy, and all these incredible guitar players have performed with Ozzy,” he said. How are you planning to proceed? I wasn’t going to act normally.

Yes, you know that’s not me, but I needed to be understandable, so I decided to use an octave divider everywhere.

They collaborated on the song “My Little Man,” which was included on Ozzy’s 1995 album “Ozzmosis,” during their rehearsals in the 1990s.


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