Many works of science fiction would have you believe that artificial intelligence would rise up and kill its creators, bringing about the end of humanity.

However, the recent boom in AI technology has instead amounted to labor crimes like falsifying news reports and depriving artists of their commissions. Therefore, Microsoft is reportedly conducting internal testing on a demo that essentially lets AI play Minecraft for you, even though AI is primarily being used to render creatives obsolete.

A recent demo, according to a report from Semafor, showed off technology that let users simply instruct Minecraft what to do. The game would then move your character, gather materials, and do other things as you directed. There are numerous methods to complete a task in Mojang’s game, so it appears that the tech has had some difficulty with Minecraft’s open-ended nature. The report uses the example of building a car in Minecraft, which can be done in a variety of ways based on the materials you have available. Therefore, using a general phrase like “build a car” is probably not going to result in an in-game move as specific as “build a car out of stone blocks.”

Microsoft has no plans to integrate the AI technology into a public version of Minecraft, according to Semafor’s sources, despite the fact that the technology might be intriguing and make Minecraft more accessible to players who have difficulty using conventional controllers or a mouse and keyboard. Large corporations frequently conduct internal tech demonstrations of this nature with no practical application. But rather than replacing the human aspect of an industry so that we don’t have to pay people, applying something like AI tech to a popular video game like Minecraft in a way that might make it easier for some people to play is at least a more understandable use for the technology.

Right now, this sounds a lot like the vocal command technology that Microsoft has attempted to integrate in accessories like the Kinect motion sensor, which gave video games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 voice options. However, given how disastrously that experiment went, it is still unclear whether the business intends to follow this strategy going forward or if it is merely testing the waters.


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