In the 1990s, Liam Neeson was briefly courted to portray James Bond, but he declined the role after receiving a “ultimatum” from his wife Natasha Richardson.

He was never formally offered the part, but he did have some conversations with producer Barbara Broccoli that made him think about it.

Why did Liam Neeson decline the James Bond role?

“I am aware of the broccolis. They observed a group of performers. After Schindler’s List was released, Barbara [Broccoli] called me a few times to see if I was intrigued. I replied that I would be. Then, while we were filming Nell in the Carolinas, my lovely wife [Natasha Richardson], god rest her soul, said to me, “Liam, I want to tell you something: If you portray James Bond, we’re not getting married,” Neeson said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Neeson complied, and in July of 1994, the two were wed. But he still made the choice to joke around with his wife about the number 07

I used to hum the James Bond theme as I crept up behind her and pretended to be carrying a gun to tease her. I had a blast doing that stuff! said he.

Why then did Richardson dissuade Neeson from accepting such a legendary role? Neeson has a thought.

“Ultimatum” by Natasha Richardson

She handed me an ultimatum a la James Bond. She truly meant it! Come on, look at all those stunning women slipping in and out of beds in different nations. I’m confident that influenced a lot of her choices, he laughed.

The 1994 film Nell starred Liam Neeson and Liam Richardson as a doctor and psychologist who are intrigued by a young girl (Jodie Foster) who creates her own language after spending her entire life in a remote cabin with just her mother, who has since passed away.

Pierce Brosnan made his James Bond début in 1995’s GoldenEye, the following year. Richardson suffered a head injury while snowboarding in 2009, 14 years later he passed away.


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