Last week marked the conclusion of Bungie’s two-year legal fight with a Destiny 2 cheat creator. The court ruled that AimJunkies, a maker of cheats, had violated Bungie’s copyright and he imposed a judgment of over $3.6 million in damages and $700,000 in legal costs on the company.

Phoenix Digital Group owns the website AimJunkies, which produces aimbots for Destiny 2 and other first-person shooter titles. The first case was filed in 2021, and the courts at first sided with AimJunkies. A judge even dismissed some of Bungie’s claims after concluding that using cheats wasn’t a copyright violation in and of itself. In May, Bungie re-filed its case, and the maker of cheats adopted a more aggressive stance to combat Bungie’s other lawsuits. AimJunkies even made an attempt to assert that the creator of the cheat software had infringed its copyright by reversing engineering it.

AimJunkies was deemed to have violated Bungie’s copyright for Destiny 2 by the courts, according to the documents discovered by Torrent Freak. In order to make and market the aimbots, one of the cheat’s engineers reverse-engineered the game code, frequently doing so in order to get around bans. He had to consent to the software licensing agreement in order to download the game, and this was a clear violation of it.

The judge felt that Phoenix Digital Group had not complied with the developer’s legal demands in a very helpful manner. The proprietor of AimJunkies lied and said he had already sold the website after Bungie issued a cease-and-desist order to the business. Phoenix Digital Group was also found guilty of “deleting records of cheat software and destroying financial records connected to the sales of the cheats,” according to the court.

The company’s readiness to “conceal” its deceptive sales helped it obtain a harsher penalty than it otherwise might have. Each of the 1,361 violations received a $2,500 payout from the court to Bungie. The entire cost of the damages was $3,657,500. In addition, the judge gave Bungie $738,722 in legal expenses.

Making Destiny 2 cheats did not break Bungie’s copyright, according to the verdict of the prior lawsuit from 2021, but the current judge thought the software had broken Washington’s consumer protection laws. The judge ruled that cheaters have an unfair and dishonest edge over honest players.

So there you have it: Bungie’s attorneys were able to recover over $4 million in legal costs and damages thanks to a combination of copyright rules, evidence destruction, and player rights.


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