There has been a lot of romantic drama in the media the week after Valentine’s Day.

As the actress refutes any rumors of infidelity, the situation involving Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox continues to pique the interest of curious admirers. Meanwhile, their close buddy Avril Lavigne has been spending a lot of time recently with a particular rapper.

The Canadian rocker proposed to Mod Sun, the band’s founder, in March of last year, according to TMZ. He opened up to E! News earlier this month about the song “Avril’s Song,” which is devoted to her on his just-released God Save The Teen album. I have discovered such a partner in this world to go through the chaos that life gives you, the artist said when discussing his relationship. I’ve located that individual. I’m with a genuine grown woman who has experienced everything ten times. She improves me as a person.

Lavigne was captured on camera on Sunday outside NOBU in Los Angeles, as seen in the pictures above (February 19). She was having dinner with some friends at the moment, including “Rack City” hitmaker Tyga. They can be seen standing by the restaurant’s valet station and hugging each other in the photos going viral online.

It comes out that the surprising pair was on their way from the well-liked restaurant together. Many believed their displays of love were simply farewell hugs. However, questions are being asked online now that we know they departed NOBU in the same vehicle. Lavigne and Tyga have lately grown close, a source tells TMZ. However, it is currently unknown what their connection is like.

The aforementioned engagement of the couple happened in Paris, the most romantic metropolis on earth. Before the artist proposed, they spent about a year courting one another. Mod expressly sings about how Lavigne helped him get through some of his darkest moments and suicidal thoughts in his new song, which is devoted to the “Sk8er Boi” artist.

When she gave me a kiss, I stopped wanting to blast my brains out because she is everything I’m not. On “Avril’s Song,” the 35-year-old wrote lines such as “Without her, I am lost.” According to reports, Mod Sun didn’t go to supper with his partner and Tyga over the weekend, but they did go together to a pre-Grammys party in February. For any updates on the situation, come return later.


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