Just one day after the release of his Quest for Fire record, SKRILLEX has SURPRISED fans with a brand-new album.

Don’t Get Too Close is the EDM-pop superstar’s second studio album. He previously hinted that it was coming, and during his performance on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York, he informed the crowd that it was already available. The MSG show also featured specially made “bootleg CDs” of the new album that won’t be sold elsewhere.

Don’t Get Too Close is a star-studded album that includes current collaborations and new recordings, similar to Quest for Fire. Kid Cudi (“Summer Time”), Chief Keef, Yung Lean, PinkPantheress & Trippie Redd (“Way Back”), Bibi Bourelly, and Bladee, who appears on the previously released track “Real Spring,” have all been added to this album by Skrillex:

As well as the title track, which features Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) singing for the first time in eight years, Don’t Get Too Close also includes the 2021 song “Don’t Go,” which features Justin Bieber and Don Toliver.

Since Recess in 2014, Quest for Fire was Skrillex’s first official record; this time, fans didn’t even have to wait 48 hours for a sequel. As Rolling Stone noted in its review of the album, “Listening to Quest for Fire, however, demonstrates how Skrillex has constantly expanded his sonic palette through his productions, remixes, and other work, especially when it comes to finding beats.” “Skrillex understands the importance of continuous motion, just like the mosh pits and dance floors that have erupted to his music over the years.”

Don’t Get Too Close Track List

1. Skrillex & Bobby Raps, “Don’t Leave Me Like This” 
2. Skrillex, Pink Pantheress & Trippie Redd, “Way Back”
3. Skrillex & BEAM, “Selecta”
4. Skrillex, Yung Lean & Bladee, “Ceremony”
5. Skrillex & Bladee, “Real Spring”
6. Skrillex & Kid Cudi, “Summer Time”
7. Skrillex, Corbin & Chief Keef, “Bad for Me”
8. Skrillex, Prentiss & Anthony Green, “3am”
9. Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver, “Don’t Go”
10. Skrillex, Sonny Moore & Bibi Bourelly, “Don’t Get Too Close”
11. Skrillex & Swae Lee, “Mixed Signals”
12. Skrillex & Bibi Bourelly, “Painting Rainbows”


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