Projects For Days

We work with our partners from a strategic and technical position to achieve their goals and implement their tactics.  

Our expertise lies in custom app marketing and development with a knack for OTT/CTV and data-driven partnerships.  

Through our activation, our partners have grown their user base to millions and garnered the attention of some of the worlds-biggest advertisers. 

Areas Of Focus


We work with companies and partners to create value in different layers of the OTT/CTV ecosystem.  Mix 1000’s of movies and tv shows with equal parts live events and linear experiences and you’re talking our language.

Apps & Content

ROKU™, iOS™, Android™, AppleTV™ are our favorites and we’re darn good too.  From wireframes to design, implementation, execution and marketing, we’re by your side the entire time.  

Live Streaming

Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of streaming live events to multiple destination points with subscription, PPV and advertiser support.  From Las Vegas to Dubai, we’ve got you covered.

Everything we’ve done in the past has driven Radiant Technologies to the mountaintop.  We’ve seen the light and developed streamlined practices mixed with best-in-breed technologies to bring our clients projects to life.  

Look around – compare us to others – then contact us to get started when you’re ready.  We are currently accepting a few more high-potential projects for 2023.

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