Chrisean Rock has sobbed a lot over the other ladies in Blueface’s life throughout their turbulent relationship.

But even as the 22-year-fame old’s grows, it appears that she is to blame for her rapper boyfriend’s mental distress. He called her out for taking a selfie with Rick Ross earlier this month while she was at the Super Bowl, and now that another well-known lyricist has joined the conversation, things are only growing hotter.

The Crazy in Love cast members were on Instagram Live over the weekend when Rock shared that Lil Baby was very complimentary of her when they recently met. The Atlanta rapper believes the reality celebrity has a lot of “potential,” according to the reality star. Although she clearly appreciates the compliment, it appears that Blueface is not happy to see his partner receiving positive attention from other males.

A crude joke about Chrisean having the “potential to fck” Baby was made by the 26-year-old during their live broadcast in front of thousands of fans. Additionally, he implied that perhaps his colleague musician is more interested in sleeping with him than his girl. “He wants to f me too?” Because you want to fck me? Any n in your visage is n* in mine. Exactly on your clavicle, I am. He’s going to be staring at me while he fcks you, ngga? It is illogical.

Blue has been openly discussing the situation on Twitter in the hours since videos of the pair fighting started to circulate online. He began by sharing what appeared to be a picture of the Quality Control artist and his co-text star’s exchange. The parent of two earlier this month wrote to Rock, “It’s Baby.”

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He wrote, “Why folks saying I was in your DM [crying laughing emoji]? in a message sent early on Sunday, February 19? Why don’t you let them know that I’m an older brother? I detest that kind of crap. The Baddies cast member’s reaction isn’t shown in the picture, but Blueface undoubtedly had a lot to say in her place.

The Californian started, “Met my bitch one time, talm ’bout he ‘big brother’ [crying laughing emoji]. To me, you are not my son; the reality could never be an insult. The controversial rhymer wrote, “You in her DMs I’m in this woman [phone],” in other tweets that were posted to his account. I use sy to handle this shit. Post my comments if you want to be angry and bitch. Anyone who enters my area without registering will be bleeding. Greetings from Death Prison.

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Blueface’s remarks don’t seem to have any effect on Baby at this moment. But DJ Akademiks did join the conversation with a few of his own observations on all the turmoil. He said, “This [is] why I warned y’all Blueface should have kept trying to be a rapper seriously instead of joining the reality TV world. He finds it intolerable that his daughter is currently going viral.

The television personality said, “He’s the sideshow. “Most reality TV viewers are female, and they are more interested in her than in him.” He brought up the fact that the “Dear Rock” singer is abruptly claiming Chrisean after seeing the other stars intrigued by her in another post. Recall how this n*gga at first behaved as if she were filth? Asked Ak

“Y’all notice how n*ggas turn around when they are severely depressed? Ladies, take notice,” he said as he concluded. Below, you can read what Blueface had to say about the Chrisean Rock and Lil Baby controversy. For more hip-hop news updates, be sure to come back later.

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