NBA Early this year, Youngboy started his relationship with Motown Records, which appears to be going well.

Motown has allowed mainstream media access to his universe even as he alleges that he has been blackballed. He invited Billboard Magazine to his house earlier this year for a thoughtful interview in which he discussed everything from his family to his musical profession. It was one of the first occasions since YB’s professional debut that he had given the media access to his world.

The Louisiana star most recently had a conversation with B.Dot and Elliot Wilson about his forthcoming project, the state of hip-hop, and his switch to Motown Records. After his time with Atlantic, rumors surfaced in late 2022 claiming that his deal with Motown would start in 2023. The Last Slimeto, Realer 2, Ma’ I Got A Family, and 3800 Degrees are just a few of the projects he produced while working with Atlantic that went above and beyond what was required by his contract with the record company.

NBA Youngboy exceeded expectations with the quantity of projects he released for Atlantic Records despite the terms of the deal. Although some might view it as a generous gesture and others might argue that it was not in his best interests commercially, YB clarified that it had more to do with his work ethic. “It wasn’t premeditated, it wasn’t a favor. I just put some sound on. Making a tape and releasing it instantly gives me a certain good sensation, he said.

NBA Youngboy claimed that his decision to leave Atlantic for Motown was simply motivated by the desire to grow. Just attempt something different, you know. A label scenario to see if I could get more out of it,” he said. It’s interesting that he said he didn’t just want to contract with Motown or any other specific label. He reportedly has the power to release songs with any Universal label thanks to his professional clout. It’s not just my particular identity, though. I can travel anywhere on Universal with each recording and drop,” he said. View YB’s entire discussion with Rap Radar above.


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