The Netflix issues are still getting worse. The streaming service for movies and television shows has come under fire on social media numerous times in recent months for wanting to enforce rules and safeguards against user accounts being shared.

Data from the business estimates that over 100 million Netflix accounts are shared by users, costing the company millions of dollars.

A few weeks ago, the business had to apologise to users for policies that had been in effect for just under 20 hours and forbade account sharing because doing so would have resulted in the platform being permanently blocked. The terms were altered to be “less strict,” enabling a user outside the so-called “Main Home” to have temporary access.

These policies did not work despite their best efforts, so the company started charging $5.99 USD for each extra access to international shared Netflix accounts. The fact that this charge does not provide a larger benefit and that users would not have more simultaneous screens even if they paid for extra access made the platform subscribers even angrier.

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I am paying $20 a month for a service that I expected to use while away from home or while traveling or during my break at work. But now Netflix’s Greed is unacceptable. BYE @netflix – Posted @MPMadDog on Twitter.

The protest against the platform is taking the shape of a trend on social media, where users post a photo confirming their Netflix account along with a brief description.

The business has not yet announced whether or not it will roll back the changes, but social media is still “flooded” with complaints from people who want to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.


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