Although Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child, their eldest hasn’t been fully revealed to the public until this week.

Though they made an effort to keep the news quiet, the pair gave birth to their first child in May 2022. Days afterward, Rih and Rocky only provided a confirmation. As to be anticipated, paparazzi have surrounded the couple in an effort to catch a glimpse of their newborn son. Before the paparazzi had a chance to ruin the moment, Rihanna finally took care of the major reveal by launching a TikTok page.

However, as a celebrity pair, Rihanna and Rocky have been very protective of their infant. Rihanna recently admitted that she never intended to introduce her son to the world through the tabloids in an interview with British Vogue. “As parents, we get to choose when and how to do that. Story over,” she concluded. We’ve been guarding him up to this point, and you don’t have my permission to sell or post pictures of my minor kid. With that, leave the area immediately.

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People were talking about the cover story, which featured pictures of Rihanna, her baby, and A$AP Rocky together. In a few of the pictures, Rihanna was seen walking in front of Rocky while he was carrying the infant. She then posted a picture of herself slouching on a bed next to her baby. “My kid is great! Idc idc idc!” she wrote in the caption of the picture, which many fans thought was a strange manner to refer to her son.

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As anticipated, her comment area was filled with criticism. Many people criticized Rihanna for saying her son was “fine,” including one commenter who questioned, “Who calls a baby fine? His mother,” to which Rihanna replied. The best response, though, came after a supporter said that her son “is not a mature man.” They were immediately stopped by Rihanna, who wrote, “You just keep you lil cougar paws away from him and we fine!” Regarding her kid, Rihanna is not joking around. Look at the message up there.


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