Just two days ago, in the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes played outstandingly. In the end, the Kansas City Chiefs prevailed after overcoming a 10-point deficit at the half.

Even though it was clearly earned, the victory was not straightforward. Over the course of the game, Mahomes threw three touchdown passes. Despite only throwing for 182 yards, he was tremendously effective, and the crowd was praising him. He is currently in the conversation for one of the all-time great NFL quarterbacks, and it is difficult to disagree.

Mahomes got to take his entire family to Disneyland after the game. It was a tremendous celebration of everything he had accomplished this year at the end of the day. The Chiefs beat the odds and won the championship despite no one expecting them to. Mahomes can now take advantage of the summer as the Chiefs try to strengthen their roster in preparation for a strong season in 2019. If you love the series, you can’t help but feel incredibly optimistic about the future.

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On Monday night, Mahomes revealed some intriguing Super Bowl information in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. For instance, Rihanna’s halftime performance was off limits to him and his teammates. The prohibition was imposed by Mahomes’ own head coach, Andy Reid. Coach Reid advised us to just keep moving if we went to see the performance because we wouldn’t be able to participate in the rest of the game, according to Mahomes. Naturally, Reid wanted to maintain everyone’s attention because the team needed to plan a comeback. His strategies ultimately paid off as the club went on to win the championship.

Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs will undoubtedly watch the halftime show on YouTube at some point. Since you can pretty much find everything there, it makes sense. Additionally, winning the Super Bowl is a good reward for missing the live performance. Comment below and let us know what you thought of Rihanna’s halftime performance.


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