Some of Meta’s retail functions are still being restricted. Instagram users have been informed that live shopping will end on March 16.

From that point forward, retailers won’t be able to identify things during livestreams; you’ll have to wait until afterward (or use less-than-stellar links) to purchase essentials. The social network gave the explanation that the change was made to “help [it] focus” on key functions.

The change was made shortly after Facebook shut down Live Shopping and directed retailers to Reels, and it coincides with Instagram’s removal of the shopping tab from the home screen. These social networking applications’ posts, reels, and stories still feature shopping, but Meta has increasingly adopted a back-to-basics strategy. In the same year that many individuals were compelled to purchase online due to the epidemic, live shopping made its debut on Instagram.

The choice is hardly unexpected. As a difficult economy and an expensive metaverse pivot have an impact on its bottom line, Meta is looking for methods to save expenditures. It is especially eager to eliminate efforts that don’t work well. That might incorporate Instagram’s live shopping, as Gizmodo explains. According to Insider Intelligence, social-based shopping will only account for 5% of US e-commerce in 2022. If that’s the case, Meta’s revenue from live broadcast purchases isn’t very high.

Instagram app on smartphone (grass background)

Meta isn’t the only one that has trouble with the shopping functions. Late last year, TikTok planned to introduce live shopping to North America, but only using technology that was outsourced. Last summer, according to Financial Times insiders, TikTok was reducing its plans due to a subpar UK uptake and a large workforce departure. Simply put, social shopping may not have as large an audience as internet titans anticipate.


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