When Marvel Studios’ “Phase 4” began in 2021 with four motion pictures and five television series, it represented the most storytelling ever released into the MCU over a two-year period.

There was hardly any breathing room over those two years as viewers saw new shows every week and frequently received a new movie almost soon after its finish. As the MCU modifies its future plans, the overwhelming volume of series and movies to keep up with will be toned down, according to Kevin Feige of Marvel. The Marvel executive stated the following when discussing the scope of their projects with EW:

“I do believe that having these movies and television shows capture the zeitgeist is one of the powerful advantages of working at Marvel Studios. When there are so many products available, as well as so much dreaded “content,” as they call it, it is more difficult to capture the zeitgeist. [Laughs] However, we want the products produced by Marvel Studios and the MCU to truly stand out and be superior. As we progress through Phases 5 and 6, people will be able to perceive that. The Disney+ shows will be released at a slower rate so that they can all have a chance to shine.”

Feige responded, “Both, I guess,” when pressed to clarify whether altering the “tempo” of these shows meant producing fewer episodes per year or simply delaying their distribution.

That Feige would remark this in one of his first interviews of 2023, a year that very possibly may see the debut of five Marvel Studios TV shows on Disney+, is perhaps a bit ironic. As of this writing, Secret Invasion is set to make its premiere, along with fresh seasons of Marvel’s What If…? and Loki. Additionally, Agatha: Coven of Chaos and the upcoming Ironheart series may possibly be available in 2023.


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