Chris Berman has a very lengthy history of radio and television broadcasting.

Berman contributes significantly to ESPN’s coverage of the NFL overall. It is now impossible to imagine the network’s NFL coverage without him in it. Although Berman has faced criticism recently. It doesn’t matter if it’s supposed voicemails he left for coworkers or on-air gaffes, not everyone is a huge fan of Berman. In any case, ESPN has continued to employ him, and as of right now, they have no intentions to do otherwise.

Berman was present at the Super Bowl yesterday. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, two of the league’s top teams, competed in this match. As a result, it was a very amazing game that featured two excellent teams. Everyone who was present had a terrific time because the fans were enthusiastic about the event as a whole. However, there were undoubtedly a few instances throughout ESPN’s coverage that made viewers at home gasp.

Chris Berman was heard discussing the fact that two black quarterbacks will be competing in the Super Bowl for the first time in the video clip up top. Of course, there was a lot of excitement surrounding this momentous occasion. However, Berman took a moment to discuss how it was appropriate that Abe Lincoln’s birthday fell on February 12. Even if Lincoln did eventually sign the emancipation proclamation, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are not directly related. Making that connection was, overall, extremely unpleasant for Berman, and other people thought it was outright ridiculous.

Despite these remarks, it doesn’t appear that ESPN is taking any action against Berman. It appears more like an awkward statement right now than anything else. However, they might have to take action if he continues to say odd things in the future.


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