Do you recall Meredith Duxbury’s TikToker performance where she applied excessive amounts of makeup to her face? In any case, Selena Gomez made the decision to not only give it a go but also to document the process for her TikTok fans. We won’t lie; we’re a little impressed by the outcomes.

Gomez began the TikTok video with casual, half-up, half-down styling for her wavy hair. Gomez said, “I never converse, but I’m going to attempt my darling love Meredith’s way. I would never attempt this because I have no idea how to. The Meredith Duxbury foundation technique, which has gone viral, involves rubbing a lot of liquid foundation onto the face before grabbing more and applying it. Nowadays, she just blends the two foundations together, according to Duxbury’s TikTok. On the other hand, Gomez chose to utilize just one item for this tutorial: Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer from Rare Beauty.


I tried but don’t think the full face is for me unless I need to try to fit in and go to those fancy pants events I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The founder of Rare Beauty placed a little bit of tinted moisturizer onto the back of her hand and then added more. She chuckled as she applied the tinted moisturizer to her face with the handle of a cosmetic brush. “What the heck am I doing, Selena Marie?”

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She replied, “This is a disaster,” and rubbed the cream with her hands, observing that the tinted moisturizer didn’t seem to be her color. She kept saying how afraid she was of the outcome and why she had even tried the procedure in the first place as she rubbed the product all over her face. She finished, and to Gomez’s and our surprise, she was glowing.

She was so surprised by how well her face looked that she added additional tinted moisturizer since she felt it wasn’t enough. “Although I’m generally content, I’ll do more because I want it to be odd. It’s okay for the moment “Before adding extra tinted moisturizer to her hands and the skin like a face cream or serum, she spoke. She obviously wanted to cover her skin with as much tinted moisturizer as she could before applying more directly to her face.


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