Recently, Twitter has had some issues. Elon Musk took over as “Chief Twit” in October, and within a short period of time, he fired more than half of the company’s almost 7,500 employees, tried out a disastrous new blue checkmark system, and lost more than 40% of income from Twitter’s top 30 advertisers.

But the blows keep coming, and on Wednesday, Twitter experienced its first significant outage since Musk took over: for almost 30 minutes, users in the United States and Canada were unable to send messages or post tweets. The error said, “You are over the daily limit for sending tweets,” instead.

Eventually, users were allowed to tweet once more, but they were unable to communicate or follow other users. With the Super Bowl approaching, Musk sent an email to Twitter staff advising them to “stop for now on new feature development in favor of maximizing system stability and robustness.”

However, fresh information regarding the initial cause of the outage has surfaced. According to Zoe Schiffer and Casey Newton’s Thursday Platformer article, a developer at Twitter unintentionally erased files for an internal service that limits the number of Tweets users can send. Additionally, the team developing the solution that would have ultimately fixed the issue quit the business in November.

According to the saying, “you ship your org chart,” a worker informed Platformer. “We’re delivering turmoil because it’s mayhem here right now.”

The corporation is implementing drastic cost-cutting measures at the same time as the Twitter outage. Musk has stopped paying the rent for Twitter’s premises, placed the office furnishings up for sale, and is even considering removing the costly but essential software that Twitter employees use to monitor concerns for users and on the social media platform.

However, Twitter’s drastic layoffs may have been its most effective cost-cutting strategy. Additionally, a large number of employees who weren’t laid off quit on their own. According to Platformer, Twitter employees frequently ask one another, “Where are you interviewing?”


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