Many people are on Shakira’s side and support her against Piqué (a former FC Barcelona player), accusing him of having broken his heart and showing no respect for the Colombian singer and her children, Milan and Sasha, in the wake of Piqué and Shakira’s split.

While some, albeit a small number, assume the role of the former FC Barcelona player against Shakira.

There are still others who remind Shakira that, back then, she was also a “Clara Chia,” interfering with the romance of Piqué and Neria Tomás and having an affair with Antonio de la Rua, who, incidentally, also suffered when she broke his heart by leaving him for a young guy named Piqué.

Shakira was criticized as a horrible boss by a former employee.

Cristina Cardenas claims to be familiar with the Colombian singer in the workplace because she was one of the coordinators that worked on several of the music videos for that artist.

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Cristina Cárdenas claims that Shakira is the kind of “terrible” boss that no one wants to work with. And he made several very clear qualifiers about it. Shakira, according to Cristina, was constantly very envious and had several diva breaths of air.

You can’t look Shakira in the eye, you can’t take pictures of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, it’s forbidden. She’s bossy! –Christina confessed.

It is impossible to collaborate with her because, as she further said, if any other lady shines out more than she does, she is sacked from the shoot.

Shakira is also said to be demanding and to never adhere to the filming schedule, which is quite upsetting to the crew, according to Cardenas. According to Cristina Cárdenas, “A Shakira spot, which may last four hours owing to the shots, ends up taking about 17 hours.”


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