The Super Bowl LVII matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will not be the subject of any strategy discussions between Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce. The brothers asserted that they would nevertheless support one another.

When the Kelces met with reporters on Monday and Tuesday, they discussed their emotions before the game. They will be the first sibling team in NFL history to play in the Super Bowl, which will take place on Sunday in Glendale, Arizona.

At Monday’s Opening Night at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Jason told reporters, “We both recognize that for somebody, it’s not going to go well.”

“We are still rooting for each other, I know that sounds ridiculous.”

The Kelces have been close ever since. In elementary school, high school, and at the University of Cincinnati, they all played football together.

The brothers then went on to become some of the league’s most accomplished players.

Six Pro Bowl nominations, five All-Pro nods, and a Super Bowl victory over the course of 12 seasons make up Jason’s NFL résumé. In his ten seasons, Travis was chosen for the Pro Bowl eight times, was a member of four All-Pro teams, and claimed one Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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The tight end with the Chiefs is 2-0 all-time versus his brother’s Eagles team. Jason is aware of that advantage in the conflict between the brothers.

The ultimate bragging rights will eventually belong to someone, Jason remarked. “He is perhaps the best tight end of all time, has played in more Pro Bowls, and will be elected to the Hall of Fame on the first vote.

He dances better and has great looks. Give it to me once. More Super Bowls, please.

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In Super Bowl LVII, the Eagles are only barely favorites to defeat the Chiefs. Travis stated on Monday that he would rather to concentrate on the in-game strategy rather than the sibling rivalry, but on Tuesday, he was still barraged with inquiries regarding the plot.

It’s a special time, said Travis. “We will have that in mind for the rest of our lives. But my goal is to help the Chiefs win, not necessarily for a Kelce victory on this side. I’m attempting to help the Chiefs win.”

On game day, their mother Donna stated she would “scream incredibly loud” anytime either team got the ball.

On the Opening Night broadcast on Fox, ESPN, and NFL Network, she stated, “It’s just incredible that they’ve both been able to reach to this stage in their careers and both experience the Super Bowl together.”

The Washington Commanders fall to the Philadelphia Eagles 24-8 from FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, September 25, 2022. (Joe Glorioso / All-Pro Reels)

Jason and Travis were reared in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by Donna and her husband Ed. The elder Jason Kelce reportedly prevailed in the majority of their fights as children, according to the Kelce brothers. They acknowledged that Travis was largely to blame for those collisions.

Brothers driven to compete

Regarding his early friendship with Travis, Jason remarked, “It was chaos, but enjoyable craziness.” “It was a lot of fun, but my parents had to deal with a lot of broken windows and smashed items around the house.

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“Everything happened one after the other. We engaged in every sport imaginable, as well as music and martial arts. We took every action. My parents put a lot of effort into us.

Jason, 35, claimed that his physical altercations with Travis, 33, ceased when they reached adolescence.

Up until puberty, I had the upper hand, Jason remarked. “I never lost a fight until I was about 13 years old.”

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Travis is currently 256 pounds and 6 feet tall. The Eagles offensive line’s mainstay, Jason, is listed at 6-foot-3 and 295 pounds.

Travis claims that the initial spark that sparked the battle still exists.

The brothers may now use that energy to excel in their different fields. Since they both play offense, they are unlikely to clash on Sunday. Instead, they will focus their wrath on potential tacklers and pass rushers.

In terms of competition, Travis told reporters on Tuesday, “We are similar.” “We are very passionate about what we do. We strive to excel at whatever we do. We aspire to greatness.”

The Cleveland Heights neighborhood and Kelce family can’t decide who to support in the big game. Their high school, Cleveland Heights High School, intends to alternately illuminate pillars and a clock tower with Chiefs and Eagles colors.

Donna said she was thrilled when her two boys’ teams secured spots in the Super Bowl and has been sporting personalized clothing with logos from both teams.

Nearly 175,000 people have signed a petition calling for her to be let to toss the coin as part of the pregame ceremony on Sunday.

Travis said, “You can’t tell my mom anything right now.” “She is simply amazing. Being able to observe her in that way has been really nice.”

On Sunday, Travis should be simpler for fans to find. The Chiefs’ No. 87 tight end is expected to be one of the quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ top targets.

Jason, wearing No. 62, will touch the ball on each snap in his capacity as the center. He will, however, also serve as Jalen Hurts’ blocker.

According to Jason, Travis is the brother with the “larger personality” and is renowned for celebrating his plays more on the field.

Andy Reid of the Chiefs, who led the Eagles for Jason’s first two seasons as head coach, is the only coach who has a deeper understanding of the twins. Additionally, he was a member of the team that chose Jason in the 2011 NFL Draft’s sixth round.

Reid participated in the decision-making process when the Chiefs selected Travis in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, two years later.

Reid claimed that when he scouted the Kelce brothers, he immediately recognized their superior skill. Then he observed how athletic they were.

He claimed Travis always had excellent hand-eye coordination and was very fluid when running routes. Reid took note of Jason’s atypical for a center footwork, ability to generate leverage, and speed.

The coach, though, was most fond of the Kelces’ inner fire, which still burns brightly in their brains today despite their adult differences.

“Those two are special,” Reid said. “They are smart guys. They love to play the game, are very tough and can compete with the best of them. They will get after it on Sunday.”


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