David Guetta is now the most recent advocate of artificial intelligence, a highly controversial movement that has been sweeping the music industry.

A.I. has attracted both supporters and detractors, whether it be FN Meka, the A.I. rapper who signed a record deal with Capitol Records but later cancelled it over concerns about cultural appropriation, or Drayk.it, the website that enables users to use an A.I.-generated imitation of Drake’s voice to make it sing any song they choose.

David Guetta // Stavernfestivalen // David Guetta // 2018-07-13 23:10:57 // Larvik golfbane, Larvik, Vestfold, Norway (NOR) /

Most recently, the quirky album art for Lil Yachty’s most recent studio album, Let’s Start Here (Jan. 27), which was created using an A.I. generator, generated discussion among listeners. Yachty succinctly responded, “Shut up,” to a Twitter user who raised attention to this choice and said it “sucks so much,” underscoring the distinction between supporters and detractors of artificial intelligence.

David Guetta Loves A.I.

On February 3, Guetta posted a video of his most recent performance to Twitter, during which he debuted a brand-new song with an A.I.-generated Eminem voice. The voice of Eminem repeats, “This is the future rave sound,” before a massive beat drop. I’m improving and going underground. Guetta is shown in the video describing this choice and the creation of the Eminem clone after the concert, seeming pleased about his newfound adoration for AI.

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Eminem, dude! I made a joke once, and it turned out so well, I couldn’t believe it,” he added. “I came upon some AI-related websites. In essence, you are free to write songs in the fashion of whatever musician you like. So I pen a lyric on Future Rave in the vein of Eminem. I then visited another artificial intelligence website that can duplicate the voice. People went crazy once I played the album and placed the text in it!

Guetta clarifies that he won’t make the song available for commercial usage in the conversation that follows his tweet on Twitter: “clearly I won’t release this commercially.” However, the biggest criticism leveled about artificial intelligence (A.I.) by those who disagree with it is that it appropriates artistic endeavors or uses them as models without giving them due credit or financial compensation. Guetta already performed this song in a concert for which he was paid, even if he has no plans to add it to streaming services.


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