Chris Pratt, the star of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie from Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, unveiled a brand-new poster today.

New clips and trailers for the animated movie have been released in recent weeks as a result of the marketing for The Super Mario Bros. Movie picking up momentum. Pratt has now provided impatient fans with another glimpse at his portrayal of Mario that will appear on the big screen, just hours before a new Nintendo Direct.

This brand-new Super Mario Bros. Movie poster was posted by Pratt on social media, and it only shows Mario leaping in front of several recognizable platforms from the Mario video games. In addition to Mario, this poster also has Warp Pipes, Bullet Bills, and Pirahna Plants. It seems likely that we will continue to see character posters like this before The Super Mario Bros. Movie is released, and it appears that the actors who will be portraying those characters will do the same as Pratt in releasing these promotional materials.

You guys have no idea what you’re going to see! Pratt stated in the tweet’s text, which also included the new movie poster. “I’m the biggest Mario fan there is. If I had known I would grow up to play this character, 10-year-old me would have flip-flopped. I feel really privileged to represent Mario and continue Miyamoto-tradition san’s character’s of spreading joy around the world. In the movie, everyone is great. Although the trailers seem terrific, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to enter theaters on April 7th, in case you didn’t already have that day marked on your calendar. Keep checking back to for updates as we continue to cover the movie and publish more details as they become available.


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