The upcoming album by Paramore is their “most political.”

Social themes are addressed in the album “This Is Why” in songs like “The News” and “You First,” according to vocalist Hayley Williams.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she clarified: “It’s our most political album in the sense that I would anticipate or hope that any individual might find something that they fully grasp that they are directly influenced by, whether it be in terms of social politics or anything.

“And I don’t believe that being a member of a minority group or someone who has experienced marginalization should be a prerequisite for having the empathy to recognize it, let alone to go further and attempt to determine what action you ought to take. When someone engages in that kind of introspection while also paying attention, a lot of things about them come to the surface. I am aware that it has for us over the past four years, and we have discussed it endlessly to the point of tiredness where it almost feels as if you become apathetic after realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

In trying times, the “Misery Business” hitmaker hopes the album, which is published on Friday (10.02.23), will offer a “escape.”

“The record covers more than just the surface level of that conflict,” Hayley continued.

I made an effort to use poetry to explain what was going on inside of me as a person who was living on Earth at the time. The CD captures part of the current anxiousness that we are all going through. However, there is also the possibility that our CD and, of course, our live performances will serve as a beautiful vacation for some, a haven from the current situation. It involves striking a balance between acknowledging that something is wrong and that it needs to be fixed and taking periodic 5-minute breaks to allow yourself to relax and conserve your energy.

Although they can’t “repair everything,” the ‘Hard Times’ singer emphasized, they want to demonstrate their “solidarity” with the young people growing up in these times and work to bring about “some form of change.”

Added her: “Nowadays, it’s difficult to care about anything without also caring about everything, and caring about everything is really draining.

“It’s just where we are right now. We all have a deep compassion for the young people who are growing up and entering adulthood in the world as we know it, as I can only image how overwhelming it must be to be a lady approaching the age of 34. We’re only attempting to reflect that and to address it from the standpoint that, despite the fact that we are aware of our limitations, we nevertheless feel compelled to do so. Regardless of how big or small the change is, we still want to demonstrate our solidarity and use our platform and opportunities.”


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