She’s not his mother.

Jennifer Lopez appeared to get into a heated altercation with her husband, Ben Affleck, at the 2023 Grammy Awards on Sunday, according to a body language expert.

“At red carpet events, the typical A-list practice is for the guy to whisper what appears to be romantic sweet nothings into his partner’s ear while the woman smiles or chuckles to suggest a passionate connection,” Judi James adds.

But this is where James believes things may be off for the couple, who famously dated in the early aughts before rekindling their romance and marrying in July 2022.

However, she remarks that Jennifer’s response to Ben’s whisper “seems far more firm and knee-jerk.” “ Her head whirled to show that she was clearly horrified by what he had said. She appeared to be exerting control by grabbing her own knee with one hand while grabbing Ben’s leg with the other.

She appeared to tap her chest with the back of her palm as she spoke, which appeared to be a checking gesture rather than an ardent one.

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James also notes Lopez and Affleck’s “lack of after-smiles,” which James interprets as a sign that they were annoyed.

She tells us that there were “no knowing grins or nods to Trevor Noah,” the Grammys host who was seated close to the newlyweds in the audience at one point during the show. “No sharing joke laughing twice.”

The 50-year-old “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” star went viral on social media during the Grammy Awards because of his “miserable” demeanor.

A lip reader claimed that the 53-year-old “Let’s Get Loud” singer told Affleck to “appear more friendly, look motivated” in order to match her husband’s vigor.

According to the interpreter, the actor said, “I might.”

As shown in the video of Affleck talking to Queen Latifah above, insiders said that Affleck was in a terrific mood backstage.

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One spy claims that Ben “was quite cheerful and not bored.” He was caught on tape chuckling when he was spotted doing so backstage.

He gave Fat Joe a big brother embrace, according to a different source. He welcomed him with great joy. He was in a very positive mood.


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