Technological advancements seem to bring us a little bit closer every day to the dystopias that science fiction novels warn us about.

Chatbots like ChatGPT, which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), have recently advanced to the point where they can pass graduate-level business and legal exams. Now, it has been skillfully used to create a constantly-evolving sitcom that is livestreamed via Twitch around-the-clock, every day of the week.

A very small group of people who are now the experimental media lab Mismatch Media worked on Nothing, Forever for four years in between their day jobs. Since going live in December of last year, the show has been extremely popular; now, it has over 15,000 continuous viewers, up from an average of less than 10 just two days ago.

The procedurally generated show, which took its cue from the iconic ’90s sitcom Seinfeld (and received the thumbs-up from the show’s Twitter account), features a mix of dialogue written by GPT-3 with characters that parody Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer interacting in a 3D modeled environment with a laugh track, music, camera cuts, and more, recreating the Seinfeld magic, though with absurd outcomes. Twitch’s chat feature features thousands of people reacting and imitating the pandemonium, adding to the show. While much of it is absurd, the laughter that breaks out whenever the writer produces a funny joke, witty quip, or silly animation is unique.

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Join in the fun on the watchmeforever Twitch channel, and keep an eye out as they attempt to advance the project by incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies.


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