Joe Rogan has come under fire for declaring during a debate on his most recent podcast episode that Jews are “into money.”

The 55-year-old host brought Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti from the Breaking Points podcast to The Joe Rogan Experience, where they discussed Nancy Pelosi’s support for Representative Adam Schiff’s bid for the California Senate.

It’s crazy, Rogan said. Did you notice that he was seated close to Ilhan Omar, who was expressing regret for saying that it was all about the Benjamins? This only concerns money. She is discussing money. I do not believe that statement to be antisemitic. Money is a Benjamin.

The notion that Jews are not interested in money is absurd, he continued. That’s like claiming pizza isn’t a thing among Italians. It’s really dumb.

“Whether you agree with her or not, she has a bold view, and that opinion is not her own,” Rogan later remarked of Oman. There are lots of people who share that viewpoint, and they ought to be heard.

She’s seated right next to Adam Schiff, and nobody says a word, he continued.

British comedian David Baddiel, who was born in the United States, was alerted to Rogan’s remark and attacked him on Tuesday for spreading a “racist fiction.”

“I actually want to stop banging the Jews Don’t Count drum at some point, but it’s hard to do when a racist myth about Jews is just…said, breezily, on one of the biggest podcasts in the world and no-one gives a f***,” Baddiel, the author of Jews Don’t Count, wrote in a tweet sharing a clip from the podcast.

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He went on: “Jews being into money is not the same as Italians are into pizza, for the uninitiated. Because, unless my history classes were seriously deficient, pepperoni-loving Italians have never been responsible for the mass extinction of a significant portion of the Italian population.”

Baddiel said, showing an image from the antisemitic Nazi propaganda children’s book Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom/Toadstool), “This is what Joe is saying, with a broad grin.”

The German text from 1938 says in one place: “Jews worship money as their god. He does the worst atrocities in order to make money. He won’t stop until he can sit on a sizable sum of cash, until he has ascended to the position of financial king.”

Baddiel concluded his thread by saying, “Additionally, Joe Rogan and Spotify have a 200 million dollar deal. Yet it seems that Jews are the ones who are interested in money.

“Rogan’s “Benjamins” remark was in reference to Omar, a supporter of Palestinian rights, who wrote in 2019 that AIPAC was “all about the Benjamins baby,” a common reference to money. On the $100 bill, Benjamin Franklin’s image can be seen.

Omar has long been a target for Republicans because of her criticism of Israel, including comments in which she implied that Republican support for Israel was supported by contributions from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “Antisemitism is real, and I am grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are teaching me on the tragic history of antisemitic tropes,” she said in a 2019 apology for the remarks.

In response to attempts to have her dismissed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Minnesota Democrat said last month that her past transgressions were being used against her.

When individuals have interpreted my words to suggest that I have animosity toward Jewish communities, to imply that I willfully stated these things is improper, Omar told CNN.

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That didn’t stop her, though, from losing her committee position, as Kevin McCarthy frequently promised he would do after being elected House speaker. Following the GOP’s narrow victory in the 2022 midterm elections for majority control of the House, the California Republican was elected speaker.

Prior to the vote, Omar blasted the Republicans for attempting to have her removed and claimed that this was more due to her immigration status than it was because of her prior statements.

“Who is eligible to be an American? What beliefs must you hold in order to be considered an American? That is the topic of this discussion, “She spoke.

Following her dismissal from the committee, Omar vowed to speak out in Congress and to keep fighting for justice.

She posted on Facebook, saying, “I will continue to advocate for the families who are seeking justice around the world— whether they are stranded in refugee camps or hiding under their bed somewhere as I was.

She continued: “I didn’t go to Congress expecting to keep quiet. I went to Congress to speak for them. If I leave this committee after one term, my influence and leadership won’t lessen. My voice won’t stop growing louder and more powerful. Put up a fight with us if you’re with us.”


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