Jonah Hill and Lauren London might not have kissed in real life for their You People kissing scene to look authentic.

The comedian made this statement last week while discussing the movie with cohost Charlamagne Tha God and special guest Nyla Symone on an episode of You People costar Andrew Schulz’s podcast The Brilliant Idiots.

He made fun of the fact that stars Hill, 39, and London, 38, don’t seem like they’d make a fantastic couple before admitting that they didn’t actually kiss during the filming of the movie’s closing scene.

During the show, Schulz remarked, “There’s a hilarious thing— I don’t even sure if I should share this s—-, but the closing scene, they don’t even kiss. “CGI is used. vouch for God.”

According to Schulz, the performers did not actually kiss during the scene in which Ezra (Hill) and Amira (London) reconcile and get married, which led Schulz to assume the scene would be edited away from the film.

He recalled thinking to himself as he watched the wedding, “I wonder how they’re going to play that in the movie, they’ll probably just cut right then,” as they approached each other for a kiss. But in the film, you could see their faces get near to one another and then slightly change into a false kiss.

London acknowledged in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that when Kenya Barris first approached her about the role, she was hesitant about accepting it because she thought the characters’ connection would not be believable.

Barris, who co-wrote the movie with Hill, she recalls asking, “Why would these two individuals actually like each other?”

They come from completely different worlds, and if you seen them, you never would have guessed that they would interact or hang around, she added. The topic of genuine human connection and pursuing the soul connection was discussed.

London expressed her amazement at how well she and Hill got along while filming the movie.

She remarked, “He’s a white man; I’m a Black lady.” “We actually share a lot in common in our lives, including some of our experiences, perspectives on life, and approaches to living. Also, despite the fact that we both grew up in different parts of Los Angeles, We are both L.A. natives of the same generation.”

Netflix is currently streaming You People.


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