Tommy Lee’s wife is under fire for a TikTok video she posted in which she implied Pamela Anderson wouldn’t mind if she died.

In the video, Brittany Furlan applied a “90s Pam Makeup” filter to herself and exclaimed, “Oh, oh,” repeatedly while Lee sat next to her, unaffected.

“Pam if I died,” she wrote over the video, which came after the release of her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” and her memoir, “Love, Pamela.”

Furlan captioned the video, “Pls guys I have make jokes it’s how I cope,” in an attempt to deflect criticism.

The former Vine celebrity clearly couldn’t “cope” with the criticism, as she hastily erased the TikTok clip — but not before other users screen-recorded and re-shared it, prompting followers to dub Furlan “disrespectful.”

“Pam even mentioned on Howard Stern that she respects their marriage and is delighted that he is happy,” wrote one TikTok member. “She said nothing but pleasant things.”

“Pam has been nothing but respectful to her,” said another. “This is completely inappropriate.”

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“It’s also fascinating that this is her reaction after all of the relevant things spoken in the documentary,” a third viewer noted.

“Even if she’s ‘joking,’ that doesn’t give her the right to utter such nasty things,” another said. “What if I damage Pam’s feelings as well as Tommy’s children?”

Furlan, 36, and Lee, 60, have not responded to the outcry.

Furlan, who married the Mötley Crüe drummer in 2019, shared another video before the now-deleted TikTok in which she told followers that she was “OK” following the documentary’s publication.

“Thank you to everyone who has stood up for me and things like that,” she stated. “Don’t be concerned about anything.”

Anderson, 55, and Lee had two boys, Brandon in 1996 and Dylan in 1997, before divorcing in 1998 following a turbulent three-year marriage that included the theft of their sex tape, physical abuse, and substance misuse.

In her biography, the model-actress stated that her divorce with the artist was “the hardest, lowest, most terrible period of my life,” but she “had to protect my babies.”

Following the book’s release, Anderson admitted to WSJ. Magazine that Furlan would be disappointed because it delves deeply into her love story with the rocker.

“I’m sure it’ll irritate his wife,” the former Playboy Playmate revealed. “I’d be irritated.”


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